Our Mission:

Compromised with the development of its activities, which truly depends on team-work; demonstrating efficiency and ethics in the taking of decisions; climbing step by step into the organisation; reaffirming and spreading knowledge of its products and services; and most of all, with employees saying proudly: “I work for the JAYOR GROUP”.

Our Vision:

The Jayor Group has the vision to project itself as a corporation, leader in the section of medical supplies, food supplies, cosmetics, pharmaceutics and the supplying of the dialysis services within a competitive and innovative market; offering products and services of excellent quality and always being on the search for a sustained and harmonized development of our human resources, through an integrated job of mutual co-operation.


The companies that integrate the Jayor Group are as follows:

•  Suministros Medicos Jayor
Distribution of Medical and hospital supplies.

•  Suplidora Hospimed 2004
Distribution of Therapy -fluids

•  Dinavica
Distribution of foods, greens and snacks.

•  Centro de Diálisis Jayor
Dialysis Unit for the attention of 120 patients.

•  Laboratorios Biogalenic
Elaboration and distribution of medicaments.

•  Sensimedical Corporation
Fabrication and distribution of surgical and medical materials for Central and South America, with headquarters in Miami , Fl.


The philosophy of work of Suministros Médicos Jayor, it is oriented to reach the total quality in each one of the departmental levels, with the purpose of offering the maximum satisfaction to their clients.